Sam Toft

Born in June 1964, Sam’s earliest ambition was to work in a post office. Instead she has been a fire extinguisher salesman, a silver service waitress, a death grants advisor, a Wedgwood Rooms worker, a catering manager, a civil servant, a student, an au pair and an unemployed person.

Sam has been working as an artist these past 12 years using mixed media: Oil pastels, coloured inks, scraffito and the innovative fingers-and-thumbs technique. She met Mr Mustard a while back dawdling along the seafront and he is so glad to have her drawing him in pictures, colouring them in so well and hardly ever going over the lines. She is delighted to have work published as cards and limited edition prints. Her work can be seen nationwide. She has her work in galleries and art fairs and sells well both here and in America.


Riders in the Storm